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We offer half ounce sample bags of any blend as well as larger sizes in glass flip top jars.  

~ Specialty Salts ~

Wine Salt - Our wine salt is usually made from the blendmaster's choice of wine (but he always goes local!) then hand blends it with Himalayan pink sea salt.  This salt is unlike any other salt you will have.  We can also make wine salt from any wine of your choosing!  Rose, blush, red, white anything!
    Red wine salt goes great on any dish but really shines on beef.  From burgers to filet - you'll go back to it every time! 
    White wine salt sprinkled on vegetables, poultry or fish (before or during cooking) will make it the best you've had -      you can literally use it on anything!  We even use it in our baking recipes that call for salt!

​Smoked Seasoned Salt - by far our best seller and most popular blend!  This blend of smoked salts and other tried and true ingredients, makes any dish you use it in come alive with flavor!  

​Saera's Seasoning Salt - our daughter, Saera, loves seasoning salt and uses it on most anything she eats.  The only thing she hasn't tried it on (yet) is ice cream but we wouldn't be surprised if she did!  This blend of Himalayan pink sea salt combined with smokey paprika, garlic, quad colored peppercorns and onion is our best "all around" seasoning.

~ Ethnic blends ~

Bev's Bomb Taco - this was a request from the blendmaster's mom, Beverly.  She wanted a taco seasoning without all the "extras" in it that are not so good for you.  We made one up for her with the traditional flavors, cumin, chili powder, but also added grains of paradise and a little lemon to keep things bright.  In Bev's words "It's the bomb!" 

Italian Alley - this blend is so versatile & lovable we named it after ourselves!  From meatballs & lasagna to a balsamic vinaigrette or a mock ranch, this blend has it all.  Unlike other Italian seasonings, this blend has more than just herbs; onion, garlic, salt, pepper, even bay leaf!  It's all in there!
~ Rubs, Season Alls & Specialty Blends ~

Hickory Hill BBQ -  classic sweet bbq taste...just like a bbq chip!  Great on chicken, ribs, wings!

NC BBQ - our take on the NC cue!  Even Virginians will love this vinegar based DRY rub.  Yep, that's right!

Grey's Gourmet - our son, Grey, loves burgers and steak.  We made a blend for him that is made just for red meat.  It starts with chipotle, garlic, onion and thyme, then we added in a little cane sugar, to emphasize those beautiful grill marks!  *Edit - Grey is now a vegetarian and this blend tastes great on grilled veggies, too!

Hoback's Hint of Lemon Garlic Pepper - named after the blendmaster's late father-in-law, he was the best man on the grill with lemon pepper and a ribeye in hand.  In honor of his memory, we made a blend that has his favorite go to flavors, plus a little more, and of course the quad colored peppercorns.  This blend is also great on fish and chicken, paired with a white wine you could even stick your pinky out while you eat!

~ Spicy Blends ~

​Draper Diablo - a blend that has ghost peppers and will light all your senses on fire but still retain that great flavor that keeps you coming back for more!

Little River Red Hotter -  this blend combines habanero, cayenne, jalapeño and other hot peppers with sea salt, garlic and onion.  This blend is not for the faint of heart and has made tasters cry.

​~ Sweet Blends ~

​Olivia's Own Sugar & Nice - this blend of sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and fresh ground cacao nibs is one of our favorites. Originally requested by Olivia's mom because she had great memories of cinnamon toast with her dad.  Not only does this blend make the best cinnamon toast, but also french toast!  Sprinkling a little in your coffee grounds before brewing is addictive!​

Autumn's Pie Spice - that fall flavor that is all the buzz with a classic name.  And it's our nieces's name which makes it even better!  Use it with all your fall baking and you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling!

~ Seasonal ~

Wonderfully Warm Mulling Spices -   fall favorite, and just in time, our mulling spice has been a big hit in wine and cider. Add a little fruit juice or honey and it's a sweet, warm treat!  Includes four bags of mulling spices.